What is a CRM System?

Well, ‘CRM’ stands for Customer Relationship Management’ so put these three words in front of ‘System’ and there you have it, a ‘Customer Relationship Management System’.

Lets look at what we think are the key things a CRM system should be able to do for you: –

  • Keep hold of all your customer contact information
    • A CRM system should allow you to input your customer information, such as the basics like their address, phone number and email address. This making it simple and easy to access this information when needed.
  • Manage your customer communication
    • A CRM system should let you see all of a customer or prospective customers details, including quotes, orders and communications all in one place. This means that nothing is lost and it is easy for you and your staff to quickly see what is happening with a particular customer or prospect.
  • Increases your efficiency and thus ability to retain customers
    • By being able to store your communications with customers and prospective customers alike you will be better able to make sure that follow ups are carried out and opportunities are not missed.
  • Make sure that no data is lost
    • It is often the case when no CRM system is in place that salespeople can keep highly important information in their heads. Then, during periods of absence this can lead to customer frustration if other staff cannot get quickly to grips with their job.
    • A CRM system stops this as the salespeople will be able to record their actions for the customer in the system. This can then be accessed by other staff when necessary.  This helps a great deal in retaining customers as they will feel the company has a far better grasp of their information.
  • Help your marketing team
    • A CRM system should help your marketing team as it provides them with information on how customers begin their interactions with a company and the path they take through to actually buying something. This can help the marketing team plan their communications accordingly to encourage progression at each stage of the buying process.
    • At the same time the CRM system can also provide marketing with information on which parts of the current process are not working as smoothly as they should. This enables them to make qualified suggestions on where improvements can be made to better convert prospects to customers and then to retain them.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of what a CRM system is and how it should work.  It should help with customer retention and assist in driving the growth of a business which is why businesses often look to implement one into their organisation.